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    Sky Slifer
    Sky Slifer
    Santo Dorado de Virgo
    Santo Dorado de Virgo

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    Mensaje  Sky Slifer el Vie Abr 04, 2008 12:43 am


    Treasury of Heaven: (Veneno/Psíquico, 2 point):

    The largest power Micky, which achieves the perfect balance between attack and defence, in which the opponent makes it almost impossible to escape or attack, Micky is known as the closest to God is considered one of the strongest knights golds. It also said that it is the reincarnation of the Buddha, which had small conversations in which this great Indian saint Micky answered questions as to why he suffered, among others. Virgo shaking his rosary which owns 108 fields, which represent the 108 mecéis, the scene starts to empapelarse with figures of Buddha and tranquillity lies on the site where it is disputing the fight. With just shake the rosary Virgo follows several clashes of the spiritual energy which are invisible and who to contact with the opponent emerge as a devastating loss of the senses and some of the armor, each clash of energy and a sense removes a portion of armour. This attack can be used on an ongoing or alternates to complete the 5 impacts that would complete the job of eliminating each of the senses of the opponent to quit in plant life, but can only be used alternamente if and only if the initial impact of gives filled in the opponent. When this attack is invoked its energies and increase their spiritual strength burns with a cosmos filled with life and pure.

    Circle Dance of the Celestial: (Veneno/Psíquico, 2 point):
    It is said that Mickey spoke continually with Buddha, also said it was the reincarnation of Buddha, he met Micky This thousands of questions, because the human is his country wanted to die, or because they suffered so much, and every effort toward Buddha respond by Buddha also pipe the same feeling when he saw in his country, a corpse, a monk and a moribund, there Buddha realized that much human suffering also said "Whatever the opinion of God, the soul or the world, the fact remains indisputable that human life is governed by the pain from birth to old age and death. "Hence Micky raises its cosmos and its golden aura wanders around its contours, the cosmic energy of the golden knight burns to levels unmatched, his mental power begins to grow, is profound psychic hold of the mind of the opponent causing a tremendous shock, causing an illusion, the enemy sees the same image that Buddha saw that day, this creates a slip in the emotional opponent that leads to the opponent and not be able to use defenses have to defend all attacks.

    Destruction of Evil: (Veneno/Psíquico, 2 point) Effect Venom:
    They say q Micky is the reincarnation of the Buddha which said same q "Whatever the opinion of God, the soul or the world, the fact remains indisputable that human life is governed by the pain from birth to old age and death. To this must be added many others suffering caused by the same man. Being one wants himself above all and would like to remove the pain, but, in its ignorance, do not realize that, in seeking happiness desiring material goods or spiritual, can only increase the suffering, making up the same desire, pain. Where men, through meditation, has disciplined their will and instincts, and does not want anything, it will be a totally be satisfied. AND when the righteousness of his life has removed the remorse of conscience, then, and only then, will have reached a state of bliss. " This Micky uses its spiritual power again and has 2 areas of energy which can be sent fragmented mind as its name (spheres of life and death areas) have an effect.
    The areas of life caused the dispossession of wanting to have come materials and waive much of their power and causing the loss of cosmos for each impacted area.

    Visit the 6 Worlds: (Fuego/Psíquico, 3 point):
    According to the Buddhist religion that specializes in the purification of soul, Micky also purifies the soul of an opponent castigándolo, Micky can send the soul of the enemy through the 6 worlds, the power of the Holy Virgo extends to achieve total domination Wheel of the reincarnations of this religion, called The Wheel of Samara, in which the enemy will elect the world which wants to go, if not elected by the Shaka, Shaka vital energy concentrated in his hands, his hand right is the level of respect for the armor and the thousands of golden sparks come out, and just be bewildered opponent to choose the world you want to go.

    Summary of Demon:: (Fuego/Psíquico, 3 point) Effect Burn:
    Micky is one of the most spiritual gentleman is in the anime, this is characterized as one of the knights strongest among the saints gold, in this case the powers of Shaka are totally spiritual, it would be responsible for removing all the suffering be human stripping all these bad remorse from the inside out, Shaka with the speed of light that all men are characterized by high level about the rapporteur and puts his hand in his bib which came up with a golden light that enters the armor of the opponent until his body, passing several seconds this begins to suffer symptoms such as whether a centenal people have made critical blows on his body and passing this tiny space of thymus (a second) of his mouth comes a powerful ken leaves it as alive.

    Divine Energy: (Tinieblas/Psíquico, 3 point):
    The holy golden lights and the lotus flower begins to form in your outline, with the knight of this attack virgo puts his opponent in the eternal rest his soul purifying and eliminating his field completely, the lotus flower begins to form in around the contour of your body until it habré slowly. This power was used in the saga of Hades from the house of Virgo to the house of Cancer Cancer of the house was totally destroyed by what the destructive power of it is huge. Micky hands joined, then the separates slowly in this where you see a blue energy that comes from its internal cosmos, this leaves a mighty ken is leading up to the sky with a devastating force and descends with the same force by eliminating all which stand in their way, this attack comes to the opponent and this thousands of meters away and contact with the opponent that is completely pulverized, and no traces of it ever existed, this power is so devastating that everything stand in your way through that moment will be destroyed upon impact, after this attack, the gentleman virgo feels great low energy for the great power that drive with this attack.

    Invoking the Spirit of Good and Evil: (Psíquico/Tinieblas, 3 point) Effect Dark:
    The rosary that has Shaka, has 108 pearls, this rosary will deliver Buddha long time, this also represents the rosary 108 mecéis or hades spectra of this rosary leaving thousands of gases that create damage in the cosmos of opponent these gases take the form of thousands of trapped spirits rosary is that hunger and thirst for wanting to punish anyone who stand in their way, Shaka was taught by the Buddha in refining ruptures in time and thus create dimensiónales powers, These are one of many trips into the sky and into hell, just say the name of the art, shaking the rosary and the gases leaving the opponent looks like ghouls, the scene of the battle is wrapped in a illusion that the opponent sees Shaka in the middle of the rosary at that moment if he sees longer than normal, or opponents already being trapped in the illusion feel the spirits drain all your energy


    Kahn: (Antifisico/Antipsiquico):
    Micky is one of the most powerful knights golds, ah come to control a power extremó, holding talks with the same Buddha made to obtain the divine cosmos and can purify souls with thousands of spiritual reactions, with only Shaka pronounce the name of this technique one large field of energy covering his entire body, an area almost unbreakable, full of energy blessed, this area is totally resistant and was in the anime when the powers of 3 golds knight could not move the defense imposed by the gentleman from virgo, diamond dust, John, and an explosion of galaxies not sufficient jurisdiction to pass extreme defense imposed by the holy golden virgo, cosmos of Shaka descosiderablemente increases until it reaches the maximum level that requires the defense and achieves leave unharmed from that eminent harm as it did this time against sapuris of zodiac.

    Protection of the Buddha: (Antifuego/Antiviento):
    In the battles that Micky has maintained one of the most difficult was against knight sapuris zodiac, and also against the knights bronze in the battle of the 12 houses, this defense is pure mental power which does not require any type of movement This defense against the use gentleman Andromeda in which returned the same attack at any time without touching the string causing the chain envolviera by the neck. With his mental power Shaka stop any attacks send distorting the concentration of the opponent (no matter how strong is the mental power of the opponent) and may cancel the attack of the opponent to back anything, without having to touch it with anything, just with his Mental power creates this incredible effect this may well emerge unscathed from thousands of dangers.

    Shaka's Protection (antiTinieblas/antiFisico):
    of spiritual reactions the SHAKA, with only Shaka pronounce the name of this technique one large field of energy covering his entire body, an area almost unbreakable, full of energy blessed

    Celestial Lighting: (Antielectrico/Antiveneno):

    All the knights golden control and manage in the seventh perfect sense and Shaka is no exception, Shaka moves with a speed extreme dodge all sorts of direct attacks and emerging unscathed from all quickly, it can be noted when all the knights Bronze Shaka attacked without positive results and when Shura and Camus attacked directly to Shaka without positive results, only managed to tire a little gentleman virgo by spending cosmos.


    Supreme Sublevación Destiny: (Simple Aumento de Ataque):
    Destructive power "TEN KO MA HUKU" to the home of cancer the same way Shaka can manipulate their attack at will or can do so massive, Shaka creates a figure with his hands where you see a blue energy containing force his pureas constellation Virgo, this energy blends with the attack of the holy virgo send to the opponent make ineskivable asking, imbloqueable, incancelable so deadly or cause a good strategy in order to eliminate the opponent melting power of its attack with a constellation .

    Divine Punishment of the Buddha: (Simple Deshabilitación de Movimientos):
    The biggest divine punishment that God can make a simple human, the rebellion of the human fact that the gods get angry with humanity, this punishment simply robbing one at a time from all your senses until they stay empty for lift your fist against a god.

    Meditation: (Simple Disminución de Poder):
    After several years of deprivation, meditation and teachings of Buddha fell surrendered pain, and realized that a life of deprivation and suffering they would not arrive at the truth, that is how abandoned the fasts and long periods of rest for some more balanced and less stringent.

    Cosmoenergia Heavenly: (Doble Resistencia):
    Achieving improved my health and better withstand long periods of meditation, and fully established, remained 7 days meditating under a Pipal (Tree of clairvoyance) which established the principles of Buddhism in the same way the saint of virgo may improve their status health and eliminate side effects of the physical as paralysis and loss of sensation. A golden glow lies around the contour of the body of Shaka, a cosmos of goodwill and hope, in the same way that Shaka has had discussions with Buddha to ask questions and seek advice does ask for a bit of your cosmos blessed and recover their statements in bad conditions.

    Imbalance of the Worlds: (Doble Nuevo Efecto):
    With this great and eternal ability I protect myself by the eternity of any curse, I can touch, you can not hurt me, I can destroy, I have the power of a God, I am the living reincarnation of a God.

    Energy Heavenly: (Doble Esquivar):
    This is the power in which Shaka exhausts its forces to join an attack on one skill, with this power Shaka can unite the power of any attack in a skill that has a delay, that is to unite the power of a attack on the ability of the attack should serve in the next post after activation, the holy golden virgo commanded the attack on a kind of dimension which will be opened when Shaka wants the attack and out of that dimension with the aim of harming the opponent.

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